8 Reasons to Consider Relocating to Luxembourg

When you think of an international career and reaching the pinnacle of your work life, you may picture yourself in an office high above the city of New York. Or maybe you envision some of the more cosmopolitan and vibrant cities that Europe has to offer, like Paris and Rome.

One country that may not spring to mind, though, is Luxembourg. It is the 7th smallest country in Europe (behind principalities and sovereign states like Monaco, Andorra and San Marino). Don’t let the size of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg fool you though, what it lacks in square kilometres, it more than makes up for in personality, professionalism and quality of life.

Here are eight reasons why you should consider relocating to Luxembourg:

  • Standard of living – overall, Luxembourg has an excellent standard of living. It always scores highly in both European and Global standard of living surveys with contributing factors ensuring Luxembourg residents have a high level of satisfaction with life in Lux. Even despite recent events with Covid, Luxembourg has a stable political and economic climate making it a reassuring and balanced place to live.
  • Low crime rate – contributing to the high standard of living in Luxembourg is the low crime rate. It is a safe and secure place to live and work with young families who have either grown up or relocated here, citing safety as one of their top priorities and the low crime rates as a reason to stay.
  • Everything works in Luxembourg! – our German neighbours are often praised with a reputation for efficiency, but Luxembourg rivals that. We have state of the art schools, a fantastic infrastructure – quite simply, things just work here. It’s easy to take for granted, but when you have experienced Luxembourg life and then ventured elsewhere, you soon feel the frustrations of poor transport links, systems that have broken down and a general malaise towards getting things done.
  • Smaller place, faster service – maybe it’s because Luxembourg is a smaller country that things are efficient. With fewer layers of bureaucracy and red tape, decisions are made quickly. For example, when it came to the pandemic, any guidance was communicated quickly and clearly, in a way that everyone understood. It helped protect our infrastructure and, most importantly, our citizens.
  • Great infrastructure and transport links – we’ve used the word infrastructure several times already, but Luxembourg is perfectly placed both to access and as a transport hub. The country borders France, Germany and Belgium, so you only have to hop on a train to reach these areas and beyond. The airport is a busy hub connecting the country to the rest of the world. Even from London and other UK cities, Luxembourg is commutable. In fact, some of the DO Recruitment team are part remote-based in the UK and part in the office in Luxembourg. The road links are also exceptional, with major routes connecting us to other European cities and hubs as well as towns within the Duchy.
  • Trilingual and Multi-cultural – there is such a rich diversity of cultures in Luxembourg that you cannot fail to fit in or learn something new. With our borders to the rest of continental Europe, it means many Luxembourg residents are multilingual, with French, German, Luxembourgish and English being the main dialects spoken. Multiple languages are taught in schools helping set our children up for a diverse and enriched future.
  • Luxembourg is beautiful – both the main Luxembourg city and the towns and villages across the Duchy are stunning. Whether you’re looking for the romance and magic of fairy tale castles, wild and lush green forests to explore or innovative architecture in a buzzy city, Luxembourg genuinely ticks all the boxes. Add to this, art galleries, museums and a rich history, and there is always something to do.
  • The food – oh the food! It’s difficult not to get carried away when we talk about the Luxembourg food scene. The country has the highest density of Michelin Star restaurants in the world, as well as an award-winning local wine and beer industry. You can try local dishes and delicacies like our soups and stews, or cuisines from around the world.

We may well be biased, having been established in Luxembourg for over two decades and working with forward-thinking clients locally, but it really is a destination to consider both for your personal and your professional future. Plus, of course, you can contact the DO Recruitment team for any advice about living and working in Luxembourg.

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