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We’ve now been in operation for over a decade, and we continue to go from strength to strength. Over the years, our hard work, dedication and quality service has been recognised, and we have been very honoured to receive a collection of awards and accolades.
These include:



human resources awards 2009human resources awards 2011human resources awards 2013human resources awards 2014human resources awards 2016human resources awards 2017


The above were awarded by HROne, a Human Resources Industry recognised body.


Founding member fr2s


DO Recruitment Advisors is one of the founding members of the Federation for Recruitment, Search & Selection (fr2s). The aim of this association is to enhance the Recruitment Search & Selection industry by creating a framework of good practices that promotes our business in a positive manner. The first code of ethics was signed at the end of 2016 by the members of the association.



Made in Luxembourg


We feel privileged to use the “Made in Luxembourg” logo and we display it with pride to highlight our Luxembourgish origin.


made in luxembourg










Diversity Charter


For an organisation in Luxembourg, commitment to Diversity means going beyond the legal obligations with respect to non-discrimination and considering the multitude of profiles to be an indisputable asset in terms of organisation’s performance.

Carrying out a Diversity approach means putting respect and development of a person’s unique talents and skills at the heart of corporate culture and practices.

Continually working towards creating a more inclusive organisation enables each and every person to grow and find his or her place within society and contribute to the richness of our country.

In order to achieve this ambition, DO Recruitment Advisors commits in signing this Charter on the 18th of May 2020.


charte de la diversité



Humanitarian and Charitable support


People DO matter is our slogan and for us it is not just a phrase; it is something that we take to heart. Sadly, we know that not all people are born equal and in over the decade we have existed, we have supported a large number of charitable and humanitarian worthy causes and we will continue to do so.

If you are interested in us helping or supporting one of your charitable organisations, we are always open to hear your story and if we can help, we will.


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Please pay attention, there are scam artists claiming to work for DO Recruitment Advisors in Luxembourg. Two have identified themselves as Yubin and Gabriel. They do not work for us. We suspect they might also be using other names.

They are contacting people directly on Telegram. Please ensure that you block these individuals. We apologise with regard to this and please be vigilant.

With best wishes,

The DO Recruitment Team

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