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Our lovely Luxembourg

why Luxembourg you may ask ?

No matter what stage of your career you come to Luxembourg, the Grand Duchy has a huge amount to offer. For those starting their career, it is a vibrant, youthful university city that has a cosmopolitan social scene, with great cafes, bars and pubs, and amazing concert venues including the huge Rockhal down in Esch-sur-Alzette and the wonderful Atelier in town (if you want to get up close and personal with your favourite music stars).


Luxembourg for families


When people arrive with young families, with safety and security as their top priorities, here too the country scores exceptionally highly. You will find state of the art schools and the infrastructure for children is amazing, there are playgrounds around every corner and everything just seems to work with ease, and this all makes Luxembourg a safe, clean and highly rewarding haven for every family. And for those at a more mature stage in their life who are ready to enjoy the finer things, well, Luxembourg also caters for this market extremely well and the evidence can be seen all around.


Diversity of cultures


The country offers an incredible amount to its inhabitants, through its culturally diverse nature and geographic location perfectly situated in the centre of continental Europe, bordering France, Germany and Belgium. It is a quirky, multicultural country, with a beautiful landscape, magical castles, art galleries, amazing museums, and history all around you. There is an incredible mix of cultures; the fact that almost half of its inhabitants are foreigners means that you are confronted with diversity everywhere you go. The variety of languages is enriching, where you can come across people in normal everyday conversations switching effortlessly between several different languages without giving it a second thought. This rich culture is evident in the excellent choice of authentic food available that caters for every taste. Luxembourg also has the highest density of Michelin Star restaurants in the world, as well as an award-winning local wine and beer industry. The Philharmonie concert hall and the array of local and national theatres all provide delights on the theatrical, dance and musical front. And thanks to the thriving local film industry, you never know what famous actor you will find lurking around the town making their newest blockbuster.


Sport and Travel


There are regular, fantastically organised sporting events from swimming, cycling, running, football, basketball to handball to name but a few,  and even the smallest village seems to have its own club with extremely admirable facilities.

Then you have Luxembourg’s central location in Europe, which enables residents to discover the rest of the Continent at the drop of a hat – just jump on a train and step out in any other top city in Europe! There is also, of course, Luxembourg’s busy but relaxed airport, which makes travel and holidays to many amazing destinations easily possible.


Progressive and forward-thinking


The local mind-set is progressive and forward-thinking, and it is invariably easy to network from a business perspective. If you have a new idea of your own, you can easily build on it; you can usually have access to people in the highest echelons of government without difficulty, and because of the size and intimacy of Luxembourg, decisions can be quickly made.

Income tax rates are lower than most European countries (but not as low as people often perceive them to be – we do pay tax here!), and Luxembourg’s excellent healthcare system is widely acknowledged as being one of the best in the world. And as if all of this is not enough, Luxembourg is planning to be one of the first countries in the world to have a completely free domestic public transport system. And now with the ambitious aspirations of Luxembourg Space Agency, it just goes to show how innovative and advanced this little country is. Luxembourg, it really is just out of this world!


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