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A recruitment agency is only as good as the candidates that we represent, so we fully realise that our candidates are the key to our success. There are many advantages of applying for a job through a professional recruitment agency, and at DO Recruitment Advisors we ensure that you receive the true benefits of working together with us. We remain transparent, discreet and honest at all times, and give clear, constructive advice to you at all stages throughout the process.

When DO Recruitment Advisors presents you to our client company, this makes you stand out from the crowd, because we have a reputation for presenting outstanding candidates and we take great pride in who we represent.


We give invaluable advice


We have an amazing insight into our client partner companies, both the positive and the negative. We can advise you on what works well and what does not. Certain issues may be taboo for one company but not for another, and it is important that you know this significant information. As a recruiter we can offer not only an inside view of the hiring company but also a feel for the people that you’ll be meeting and their recruitment objectives; this information can be invaluable during the interview process. We also serve as a useful information channel between you and the company during the interview process, (sometimes a critical factor of success), as well as during the integration process once you get the job.

We are working for you and we take this privileged position to heart. We are open, approachable and we are there to help and to answer your questions, and it is often much easier to ask us things rather than the end client. This is especially true with any delicate questions such as, for example, salary levels or flexible working arrangements. In particular, negotiating your own salary can sometimes be difficult, so having a trusted intermediary dealing with this situation who is familiar with your expectations can be a huge advantage. All of this gives you the best possible foundation to go in and meet the client for your interview with complete confidence.


We want you to fulfil your true potential


Our objective is to offer you a top class candidate experience and be there for you through each step of the way, so that you receive the guidance and support to ensure that you fulfil your true potential. We want you to be satisfied on a long-term basis, to feel that your new job is not just a quick recruitment fix, but an important career step that will enable you to develop professionally and build and grow your working life and shape it in the way that you want.


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Please pay attention, there are scam artists claiming to work for DO Recruitment Advisors in Luxembourg. Two have identified themselves as Yubin and Gabriel. They do not work for us. We suspect they might also be using other names.

They are contacting people directly on Telegram. Please ensure that you block these individuals. We apologise with regard to this and please be vigilant.

With best wishes,

The DO Recruitment Team

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