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Recruitment can be a time-consuming, challenging process and it is important to have a recruitment partner that you can trust to deliver the best talent to you in a competitive market.  DO Recruitment Advisors Executive Search service is entirely designed around you and the type of candidate you want to recruit. We create a purpose built recruitment solution to ensure that you, our client, will successfully find the right candidate within a specific timeframe. By liaising with you to define the strategy, we can identify where and who to target.


Our strategy


It is often the case that some of the best candidates are already employed and are not known on the market place, working away and excelling at exactly what you need and this makes executive search a logical approach to find the right person. We work on executive search mandates for specific profiles, be it a subject expert, a middle manager or someone at executive level, and we clearly set out a timeframe in which we can deliver. We introduce a shortlist of the best candidates, in order that you select the best fit for you.


We work in partnership with you through each step and we deliver results through our honest and professional approach. For an Executive Search mandate, you can rest assured that we put all of the measures in place in order to achieve your desired recruitment objective.


Terms & Conditions


For an exclusive Executive Search mission, the terms and conditions differ from a traditional Recruitment & Selection project. The total invoiced amount is based on a percentage of the new hire’s projected salary during the first year of employment, but in this case it is split into three payments; there is an initial upfront fee, a second down-payment upon introduction of the shortlist and then the final payment becomes due upon signature of the employment contract with our candidate.


For additional information, please feel free to call us on : +352 24 69 40-1 or send us an email to : and we would be delighted to respond to your questions.


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Please pay attention, there are scam artists claiming to work for DO Recruitment Advisors in Luxembourg. Two have identified themselves as Yubin and Gabriel. They do not work for us. We suspect they might also be using other names.

They are contacting people directly on Telegram. Please ensure that you block these individuals. We apologise with regard to this and please be vigilant.

With best wishes,

The DO Recruitment Team

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