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I graduated with a Master’s Degree in Languages and International Management from the University of Lorraine (France). I did my internship with the DO team over 4 years ago and I have been here ever since. Having started my career with my internship, I progressed to junior recruiter and I am now a senior recruitment consultant.


I am very passionate about my job. I love meeting people coming from different countries and being exposed to so many diverse cultures and nationalities – it is very enriching. I love listening and hearing people’s stories. My greatest joy in life is really when I am able to help people. There is nothing more satisfying that helping someone to reach their full potential – this is what really makes me HAPPY.


Since I was young, I have always been passionate about languages. Coming from an Italian and French family background, I speak both languages fluently. I also got the chance to learn Spanish when I was living in Alicante, during my studies.


It has been my dream to work within an international environment and Luxembourg is definitely THE right place for me.



“A smile costs nothing, but gives so much”

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