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I am originally from France and having lived there all my life, I had a growing desire to discover a more international environment. Once I had my law degree in-hand, I continued my studies in several European countries. After obtaining my Master degree in International Business in Switzerland, I decided to come to Luxembourg, in the heart of Europe!

On finishing my studies, I had so many questions turning in my head about what I should do … until the day when, in an interview with Anaïs, she talked to me and I could feel the passion she felt for recruitment.  Since then, this idea has stayed with me and it continued to develop over time in my thoughts: I like contact with others and I think everyone has a talent and that they deserve to develop it in the right environment. Recruitment therefore seemed the right step for me for the future. And then, in 2019, I was lucky enough to join the talented team at DO!


“Nothing great in the world has been achieved without passion! “

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