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Born in the Republic of Moldova, I grew up in Italy, where I finished my studies in the tourism field. After a couple of years working in Italy, I had the opportunity to move and explore Luxembourg. Since 2017, I have been thriving in the international and dynamic community that is the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Prior to joining the DO Recruitment Advisors team in June 2022, I was the Assistant to 6 Directors within the fund industry. I was particularly supporting the Head of Corporate Governance and his team which defined the roles that I am focusing on, within recruitment.

People always say that America is “the land of opportunity” but I truly believe that this title belongs to Luxembourg. I encountered and embraced many of them which has lead me today to the recruitment world.

I can say that like in the tourism industry, recruitment incorporates some key aspects like knowing your audience, customer service and supporting people in achieving their wishes/needs. I rely on these pillars to provide an excellent service to our candidates and clients.

«Every day offers a new opportunity, you just need to grab it»

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