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I grew up in the west of Ireland. After my studies, I secured my first job which was with the Irish Embassy in Luxembourg. With my degree tucked firmly under my arm, I headed for unknown territory, Luxembourg.  I was greeted with open arms in Luxembourg and I quickly found my place and grew to love my adopted country. Little did I contemplate at that stage that I would spend my whole working career here.

After a few years at the Embassy, I ventured into banking. In 2001 Nathalie made that all-important call to see if I could be interested in recruitment, and I have never looked back.

I feel very blessed every day as I get an opportunity to speak to the most amazing individuals and hear their stories. We have seen the market in good and in difficult times, we see companies prosper and occasionally crumble, but through and through it is all about the people.

Being in the people business is enriching, as you are continually learning and evolving. I am just so fortunate in life that I can work in a career that I love and with people that I cherish.


« The real opportunity for success lies within the person, and not in the job »

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