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I grew up in Cannes and I attained my Master’s degree in Law in Toulouse where I started my career as a legal counsel in the medical sector. I reported to the Director of the hospital, who was the former HR Director and he was a true mentor for me. When I moved to Marseille I changed the direction of my career from legal to HR, to follow in his footsteps. I then fell into recruitment and I have never left!

For obvious climatic reasons I moved to Luxembourg and I am fascinated by all that this small wonderful country has to offer.

My job enthrals me: no two days are the same, I work with a dream team and I get to meet with lots of interesting people. I love the constant challenges, and because everything is continuously changing, my learning curve is steep. In short, it is an incredibly rewarding job that surely keeps me on my toes!!

On a more personal level, I enjoy being active: moving, dancing, exercising… but what really keeps me grounded are the very special moments with my loved ones and there is nothing like the energy that I can get from seeing the sun rise!



«You are exactly where you need to be»

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